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Image The essential guide for surfers, scuba divers, kayakers, swimmers, fishermen - in fact anyone who ventures into the ocean. South Africa's Great White Shark is an informative text for cage divers, marine biologists, tour guides and photographers, providing in-depth coverage of Great White behaviour, ecology, conservation and ecotourism. The book contains facts behind cage diving, chumming and shark bites and asks why great white sharks sometimes bite people and why they come so close to shore. It even contains practical advice on how to minimise the chances of being bitten.

The book contains award-winning great white shark photographs, which showcase rare behaviour ranging from feeding on whales to stalking sea kayakers. 




Thomas P Peschak is a marine biologist, wildlife and underwater photographer and author. He divides his time between the University of Cape- Town's Marine Biology Research Institute and his company, Currents of Contrast productions Together with partner Cheryl-Samantha Owen he spends most of his time under and on the water, bringing back photographs, stories and scientific discoveries from the hidden depths of Africa's Oceans. Tom is author and principle photographer of the critically acclaimed book Currents of Contrast: life in Southern Africa's Tow Oceans, a regular contributor to Africa Geographic and BBC Wildlife Magazine, and official photographer for the WWF-SA Aquatic Unit.

Michael C Scholl, a White Shark biologist, is the founder of the White Shark Trust and is also associated with the University of Cape Town. He has conducted research on South Africa's Great White Sharks for eight years and, in addition to having developed the identification method of 'finprinting', he currently holds the world's largest White Shark population database. His research has been published in acclaimed scientific journals such as Nature and Science and has been featured by National Geographic Television and GEO.

Taken from "South Africa's Great White Shark", TP Peshak & MC Scholl,Struik Publishers, 2006

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