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Image of SuurbraakThere is no doubt that SUURBRAAK on the R324 is one of the most beautiful villages in the Western Cape. It was not called Xairu (“Beautiful” or “Paradise”) by the Attequa Tribe for nothing. Situated 250km from Cape Town, 20km northeast of Swellendam (N2), 32km west of Heidelberg and 24km southwest of Barrydale (over the magnificent Tradouws Pass) the historical village, with its 3000 residents, nestles snugly under large oak trees next to the Tradouw/Buffeljags River and almost overpowering Langeberg Mountains (1500m). The town was established in 1812 as a missionary station. The people live close to the ground and some still cook on wood stoves. Local Lawn Services are provided by roaming animals…The historical cottages, Information Centre, churches, shops, clinic, Municipal offices, Library, Post Office, Police Station, crèche and Community Hall along the Main Road will always form the backbone of most activities, but the many upgradings and new building projects in the town reflect that more and more jobs are being created by and for locals and nature lovers settling in the side streets.
A cheese factory is in the pipeline.

One of the most enticing features of the area, is the Wonder Kloof opposite the town. It represents a geological sideways crack in the west-east Langeberg Range. Inaccessible on foot due to a stream and a magnitude of indigenous trees it boasts 200m high waterfalls after rain on both sides of the Kloof. But all is not lost! In 2009 “Langeberg Nature Trails” started opening up the region on the western side of the Kloof by creating (a network of one day) hiking trails. The Pine Forest Trail (circular) is already open and it will be followed by more strenuous hikes up the mountain to inviting places such as Cool Gorge, stunning Table Top Cliff and The Pillars. All routes overlook Wonder Kloof, farms and Suurbraak village.


Suurbraak information:


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Maggie Jantjies: 028 5221 806