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CW securityCW Security is introducing a NEW Personal Tracker.  Ensuring security and peace of mind by handing you control to know exactly where you precious ones or possessions are - 24/7, 365 days a year, monitored by CW Security’s State of the Art Control Room.


Uses for the Tracker

Use as a child nanny, always know where your child is and when he / she is on the move.
Vehicles. Protect your investments wherever they are, track vehicles movements.
Lone workers, such as Real Estate Agents, Representatives, Fisherman etc. Feel secure with your loved ones knowing exactly where you are at any given moment and have the ability to press a SOS button to alert them should you have trouble.
Tourist. Using the tracker for your guests to ensure their safety and location should they get lost.
Use as a  pet tracker . Valuable horses or that little dog that is way to precious to you! Never lose a pet again.

What can it do?tracker

24 hour worldwide monitoring of the unit by a state of the art control room.
The unit will only respond to predetermined numbers.
SOS Button—sending an SOS to up to 5 predetermined cell numbers at the press of a button, telling people where you are exactly to within 5 meters.
Unauthorized movement Alert. Presetting a “virtual fence” will alert you to the unit moving out of this predetermined area.
Complete movement history is available for download from the unit, location, date and time.
Pre setting a speed limit will alert you by sms as soon as the speed limit is exceeded.
Low Battery Alarm. Be warned automatically when the unit is low on power.
Long distance surveillance on the internet. Low running costs. Small, lightweight and compact. Rechargeable long life battery. Secure and private.
Predetermined Timed Reporting. You can set the unit to automatically send you location and speed information at regular intervals, which you can set.


CW Security Services provides the following security services to fulfill the requirements of clients:
Criminal Investigations
Security Surveys
Information – Handling of Informers, agents and sources
Protection of General Cargo in Transit
VIP Protection
Personnel Security
Information Security
SAPD Clearance Certificates
Credit History Enquiries
Alarm System Installations
Alarm Monitoring
Installation of CCTV systems and the monitoring thereof


Optional Elite Protection Plan is available - visit our website www.cwsecurity.co.za
for more information or give us a call at
028-313 2679
Price: R 2400-00
Monitoring fee R 100-00 per month
All inclusive of  VAT

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