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ImagePicturesque Waenhuiskrans is best known for its 200-year old restored fishermen’s village, Kassiesbaai.  This village, a national heritage site in its entirety, with its whitewashed, thatched cottages, has stolen the hearts of many an artist and photographer.  The name Waenhuiskrans is derived from the big sea cave (waenhuis = wagon house).  The town is also called Arniston after the East Indiaman Arniston wrecked nearby in 1815 with a tragic loss of 372 lives.  A replica of the monument, erected by the wife of Col. Giels in memory of their four sons who died in the tragedy, is housed in the shipwreck museum.  The stone tablet is the original.  A smaller replica, which can be seen on the rocks in front of the hotel at Arniston, looks out on the spot about 5km east where the ship sank.  Good catches lure both boat and rock anglers.

Kassiesbaai:  Restored fishermen’s cottages and national heritage site in its entirety.

Kassiesbaai Craft Centre:  Local handwork and products.

Waenhuiskrans Cave:  This big cave with its pretty pools can be visited at low tide.  Older inhabitants aver that the cave is big enough for an oxwagon to turn in.




Tel:(028) 424 2584
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Address:Suidpunt Tourism Bureau
PO Box 51
Bredasdorp 7280
Municipality:028 - 424 1155
Police:028 - 424 1155










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