Arniston BayArniston is a village where time has stood still; where the practices of generations of fishermen quietly continue without interruption. But this sleepy little coastal town has seen its fair share of drama.

The name Arniston comes from the British transport/hospital ship that sank near the coast in 1815. The HMS Arniston was carrying 378 pasengers (mainly wounded soldiers as well as women and children) and was sailing from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) back to England when it hit a reef. Only six passengers survived the ordeal.


Today, however, Arniston is a favourite hideaway for holidaymakers. You will not find a pumping nightlife and adrenalin-packed attractions here, only an azure sea, peace and quiet.

Besides its relaxing atmosphere, there are also interesting places to visit. Take a trip to Kassiesbaai, a 200-year-old fishing village which is also a national heritage site. Kassiesbaai is characterised by unassuming white thatch cottages. You can experience the customs of the locals as many who live here still make a living from the sea.

Visit the magnificent Waenhuiskrans cave, the place responsible for Arniston’s other name. This cave, according to a local theory, is so big that a wagon with a full span of oxen can turn around in it. “Waenhuiskrans” means “wagon house cliff” in Afrikaans and can only be accessed at low tide.



Arniston / Waenhuiskrans (by SJ du Toit) 

The Arniston Shipwreck - Courtesy of Cape Agulhas Tourism


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