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The Jam Tarts Restaurant

6750, Barrydale,
Western Cape,
South Africa
Telephone: +27 (0)28-572 1173

The site on which this restaurant is built used to be the old petrol station, hence the flat roof.  The petrol pumps were where the inside of the restaurant is today.  Terri Williams and her partner, Joan Peeters, a dutch artist, have lived in Barrydale for many years and have seen Barrydale grow and prosper. Some folks are even mentioning that Route 62 is becoming the Sante Fé of our country.

Roundabout November 2005, Terri asked the builder, John de Jager to transform the old building into a restaurant with some intriguing stonework. One morning when Terri arrived on site John had had an inspirational epiphany and the result was a wall splashed with cuts of mirror and stonework.  

The restaurant interior done by Joan Peeters, reveals a strong Spanish influence with a warm atmosphere, Spanish memorabilia and another interesting feature is the large collection of Spanish dolls featured in the ladies room. 

The Jam Tarts Restaurant is also famous for its wide selection of homemade jams, including a very popular Chilli Jam which is best enjoyed with olive bread. Their labeling is also quite unique.  When their friendly staff is cooking jam, visitors are welcome to watch the process in the kitchen. Off their menu, a great cup of Java and a chicken mayo toastie was delicious. Their build-your-own-pizza is very scrumptious too.

Joan Peeters also exhibits her artwork in the restaurant and her studio can be visited by prior arrangement. So visit Jam Tarts and see for yourself where happy memories are homemade.


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